Binary : Tree Happily

by Galen Wade

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released June 13, 2004

Galen Wade - Voice, Guitar, etc.

Produced by Galen for Mad Chatter, 2004



all rights reserved


Galen Wade Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Like A Tree

Some days I like to strip away
Everything I’d like to leave behind
I blind fold my ego
Because I know that my ego is blind

Everything worth having is a thing that I can have
Everything worth knowing is a thing that I can grab
To make me glad

I try to see what’s stopping me
Could it be a simple fear of death?
I put aside my future
And I’m trying to become one with my breath

Everything worth having is a thing that I can know
Everything worth knowing is a thing that I can use
To help me grow
So tall
And feel so free
And spread my leaves
Like a tree

Like a tree
lyrics by Galen Wade
Track Name: Happily Ever After

The King was in the counting house, counting out his coin
I was in the parlor and I was writing poems
Miranda flew into the room, she was in a rage
I dropped my pen and spilled some ink on a very lovely page

Happiness, happiness, where can it be?
For my blithe wife, my blithe wife, my blithe wife and me

The Duke was in the corridor, listening for a snore
The Queen was in the upstairs room, always wanting more
Miranda took the page from me and threw it in the fire
I gazed into her eyes of blue, and sang until I tired

Happiness, happiness, will come again
Like and old friend, an old friend, coming round the bend

lyrics by Galen Wade